life's rapids

experiences from doings and undoings of..

the longing

Your eyes speak of depths my sight wants to explore,
Ur breath of life, mine wants to live for.
The stretch of your lips, the smile alluring,
The deeps in your cheeks,all I adore.

Your wide forehead,the steep of your nose,
How I long to be the one you’d choose.
For I doubt you’d choose me over that other,
Cos u know you’d be happy wid some1 close.

I can’t stand the wait, no more can I pretend,
I need to come clean, n make u understand.
So here’s me and my hearts desire,
Let me be the one, with whom your time you’d spend.

the wants

All I want to do is to sit and stare,
To stare at you trying to read my mind.
While my eyes are trying to help you unwind
My thoughts, are made of, for whom i care.

All I want is to hold your hand in mine,
to hold it and feel its soothing touch,
while my nerves are trying to memorize such,
feelings of comfort, compassion and kind.

All I want is to hear you talk,
to listen and know what you seek,
while my wants would be of what you speak,
and our steps get smaller, slowing the walk.


when her feelings wouldnt reciprocate

and thy emotions wont turn to hate

when frustration is the cure

as it leads to accept and endure

when doubt keeps haunting

your thoughts keep daunting

the mind starts to wonder

why the fuck did I ponder

over the one, unnecessary

who’s made things blurry

and heart begins to fear

all that it has to bear

untill the feelings wont be

rendered, the self be free

To raise your spirits

drinking makes everything beautiful..

the stress.. the pain..
the sun .. the rain…
the flowers… the trees..
the prettys and the uglies.. too

it does but only for a while
and time fades away the smile
but as it fades try to drink more
and it will last longer for sure.

then drink you shall day and night
with lost memories you shall unite
a short.. but peaceful life u’d have lived
till your life escapes.. your soul relieved

with raised spirits you shall “praise”
the “blessing” in disguise which helped you stray
from things that had ..need.. be done
from relations that you had never won
from the ones who had hopes in you
for your care and loving.. but now they rue

To reap what we sow

We tend to dread the emptiness,
we feel when we’re emotionless.
So we search to replace whats in our heart,
with that which could help forget the past.

None is void of bad memories,
of thoughts that would incite worries.
So every struggle and horses spurred,
are to sew back opened old sores.

But try to forget, whats done is done.
And don’t regret, you reap what was sown.
Best to keep the self amused,
with things you are soon to lose.
For lost things wont even matter,
once they are done with you and you with them.


My speech goes astray when it is spoken to u
My heart pounds faster, helpless with what I do
While ur searchful eyes looking through my fear
For all it is..a fear of being taken for a fool..

I doubt my attempts would be appreciated
I work on not to upset, or I’d b hated
These words hopelessly framed though
For all it feelings narrated.

You may not like it, not even have a clue
All I want is to be a part of u
If sorry, I need be an ignore it
then lying to myself, I will be untrue


A feeling of warmth
Your touch bestows
On the person who is touched
His life restored.

Assurance from your care
Your company when shared
With people who are sore
Their pain repaired

An embrace from happiness
The sight of your smile
Being smiled at those
who’s been lost for a while

One such lostee
Is here to be
Your knowing of what he speaks
Will set him free

on an impulse

Think about u, I do, day n night
Just knowing u would suffice, inspite
A no from u, uttered even before
U considered knowing me more

For ur knowing I seek,
For ur love to keep
Ur sorrows to share
To return for ur care

Nights are sleepless
An the daylight brings blindness
Gazing upon a pick of u
Oh why do I feel so gloomy n blue

My emotions need a medium to be shared
For bottled emotions would drive me mad
Through these words i express what i feel
and try to reach your heart .. to steal